Concrete wire – cold-rolling

Cold-rolled concrete wire in rod and matt form is used for reinforcing concrete. This tough product has been made on KOCH systems for decades. 

Our solution

Concrete wire line – cold-rolling
with Pay-off ÜKA, Feeder DEZ, Descaler WEZ, Dry Coating BSG/TF, Cold rolling Units, Drawing Block KEB, Spooler KHS

Ribbed concrete wire with a diameter of 3 to 20 mm is a very popular end product in the building industry. Our systems are characterised by their high productivity, which is why we generally employ a specialised pay-off tower right from the start. 

The heavy drawing line is equipped with special rolling units. A downstream spooler can accommodate fill weights of 3 tons of wire, either on coils or on machine spools. 
Vertical and horizontal spoolers, manual or fully automatic spool changing – KOCH can offer a wide range of wire collecting systems that fulfil every requirement 

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