PC wire

Because of its strength and elasticity, PC wire is used in bridges and high-rise buildings. To make it, drawing lines have to perform extremely effectively. 

Our solution

PC wire line
with Pay-off KHAF, Drawing machine KGT, Horizontal spooler KHS

Our completely revised pre-stressed concrete steel wire drawing line achieves new levels of performance. This 9-block machine manufactures wire with diameters of between 3 and 7 mm at a remarkable speed. As with many KOCH systems, OTA technology is used to produce a high-quality end product. 

This production line features a new pay-off system. Every conventional spooler type is available, including fully automatic ones. Despite a 1,200 mm drawing capstan diameter and high-end Siemens central electrical components throughout, we kept an eye on costs when developing this new system. As a result, the price of this top-level technology is highly attractive.

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