Concrete wire – stretching

Stretching is a process that is becoming more and more popular, especially in Europe. It gives wire a higher yield strength as well as the best possible elongation properties.

Our solution

Concrete wire line – stretching
with pay-off KWA, Stretching unit KBR, Pulling block KSG, Spooler KSS, Transport system KPK, Tying system PWL, Roller table

To complement conventional cold-rolling lines, KOCH has fully automated stretching systems in its range. They are designed to cope with long-term burdens on account of their extremely durable machine bodies. 

Just like our cold-rolling systems, our stretching systems produce concrete steel wire that fulfils the standards stipulated by legislators and the building industry. That is why almost every large concrete reinforcing steel manufacturer uses our ultra-modern production lines. KOCH stretching plants are largely automated and are equipped with integrated coil strapping including labelling and transport systems. 

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