Spring wire

Spring wire  is one of the most important products in industrial and automotive applications. OTA technology guarantees productivity and quality.

Koch spring wire

Our solution

Spring wire line
with Pay-off ÜKA, Bending descaler WEZ-1, Grinding descaler SEZ, Wet coating HSBE, Drawing machine KGT, Drawing coiler KEWS-Z

KOCH has production lines in its range that are suitable for the manufacturing of technical springs which are subjected to high and dynamic loading, as well as upholstery springs. Our modern OTA system, featuring fully electronically controlled backpull, achieves the ultimate in wire quality – without the critical influence of a tuner roller. 

Upholstery spring wire has been produced on KOCH machines for years, often in one working process from wire rod to the finished product. Integrated pre-treatment is uncompromising, and our drawing machines achieve highest speeds without sacrificing quality. A drawing coiler at the outlet guarantees a perfect finished product. 

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