Wire for steel fibres

Steel fibres for the reinforcement of concrete are made using drawn steel wire. Our systems integrate several production stages and produce top-level results. 

Our solution

Wire for steel fibres line
with Pay-off ÜKA, Bending descaler WEZ-1, Grinding descaler SEZ, Wet coating HSBE, Drawing machine KGT, Horizontal spooler KHS

Steel fibres for concrete reinforcement are essential to many sophisticated structures. Many hundreds of thousands of tons of this special wire are drawn in Western Europe each year, much of it using KOCH machines. 

Final dimensions of 1 mm and less allow remarkable speeds of up to 50 m/s in the drawing process, yet even at that speed our machines achieve top quality. A complete production line includes a wire pay-off, efficient wire pre-treatment and a drawing machine which generally has 14 blocks. The spooler can accommodate a filling weight of 2-tons. 

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