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Trade fair highlights of Ernst Koch GmbH & Co. KG at WIRE 2016

Sophisticated technologies take centre stage at Koch’s trade fair presentation at WIRE 2016: Next to a highly developed drawing line, Koch – together with QASS GmbH – is presenting an acoustic emission analysis method for controlling the wire quality – and is setting new standards in terms of process monitoring and production speed.

Koch’s booth is dedicated to process and quality optimization. According to the new motto  “Wire Machinery. Trusted.”, the company is presenting new technologies and measuring methods that will support customers in increasing flexibility and efficacy in their production.

Visitors to the booth can experience a drawing line in a modular design in live operation. It is comprised of a multiple-drawing system from the KGT series as well as a wire pay-off and a spooler for the wire take-up. The system produces steel wire qualities with low carbon content on a five-block machine. In actual operation, the system is then complemented by nine drawing-blocks and includes high-quality pretreatment of the wire.

This constellation enables a drawing speed of around 50 m/s. These are top results that make highly economical production possible.
As a further trade fair highlight, Koch, together with QASS, a specialist company for cognitive measuring systems, is presenting findings from a mutual research project. High-frequency impulse measuring (HFIM) makes it possible to continuously monitor the entire wire production process and to document the product’s quality 100%. At the same time, HFIM permits the increase of production speed whilst maintaining the same level of quality. And last but not least, the system provides a signal in the event that the lubricating film tears.

How this works in day-to-day operations is demonstrated with two QASS measuring systems at the Koch booth. The method is based on the analysis of the acoustic emissions’ strength during the wire drawing process. At the same time, it checks the frequencies and creates a three-dimensional picture of the process depending on time, signal strength and frequency. Should something change in the process, the picture will change too. The system can detect these changes immediately and initiate further control and regulation measures. The goal therefore is not only monitoring but also optimizing the process – providing excellence in production. “The measuring system detects even minor abnormalities and thereby contributes to the improvement of the wire quality,” explains Jochen Koch, managing partner. “A potential increase of production speed is a further benefit of this technology, which we will be promoting in the area of wire production together with QASS.”

Furthermore, Koch will be addressing the following values at the trade fair, which have significantly influenced the company’s success for decades: Fairness, security, German engineering, competency and further characteristics are visualized with large-sized photographs and statements by members of staff. Jochen Koch: “As a family-run company, our work is more to us than just a business. We put great emphasis on stable relations that are based on appreciation, both with our customers and our members of staff.”

Koch is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wire drawing machines and has gained the trust of customers in more than 60 countries. Its portfolio includes single-block machines and multiple drawing systems through to cold rolling and stretching systems. As a complete system supplier with high service orientation, Koch plans, delivers and installs systems with all components necessary for the manufacturing of wire. The company is also groundbreaking in terms of developing innovative processes for quality control and process optimization.

The Koch trade fair booth can be found in Hall 10, Booth F22 / H39.

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Precise monitoring thanks to high-frequency impulse measuring: Detail of a wire drawing process as a HFIM picture


Taking centre stage at Koch’s presentation at WIRE 2016: Technically highly developed machines and systems as well as innovative methods

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