Koch vertical spooler for coils of 8 tons

New vertical spooler for coils of 8 tons

KOCH is the first manufacturer to develop and build a spooler system for reinforcing steel coils of 8 tons – with fully automatic spool change and coil discharge

The reinforcing steel industry is creating products in ever-larger dimensions. Until recently, stretched reinforcing steel has been manufactured in coils with a weight of 3 or 5 tons. A main customer of KOCH in Germany has now requested the increase of the coil weight to 8 tons. KOCH has responded to the demand, and has designed and built the first spooler for this high weight worldwide. 


“An increase in weight of 60 percent is a huge step,” explains Michael Jatta, Area Sales Manager at KOCH. “Not only must the spooler achieve the same speed with the increased load as before with the lower coil weights, the spools also have to compensate heavy strains.”


The spooler system created by KOCH meets all safety and performance requirements for coils of 8 tons. The system includes a fully automatic spool change as well as a fully automatic coil discharge without any operator. It is completed by a bridge or swinging crane and by an automatic coil strapping device. A sample extraction of the coil is still possible.


“KOCH is the first manufacturer who can offer a system for this weight,” says Michael Jatta. “It means that we can actively respond to the demand of the German reinforcing steel industry and emphasize our position as the innovation leader. We are certain that in the medium term this requirement will also be increasing in Europe.”

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