KOCH performs well at wire 2016

The presentation put on by Ernst Koch GmbH & Co. KG won over industry visitors – the latest machine technologies and cognitive measuring systems offer the industry new possibilities

It was full at KOCH’s trade fair booth – very full. At times there was not a single space left, even at the stand-up tables. Lots of customers and potential new business partners from all over the world visited the company’s spacious facilities in Hall 10, which was all about process and quality optimization. Koch presented itself with its new slogan “Wire machinery. Trusted.” – and it worked. “We saw once again, in numerous personal discussions, how much customers appreciate the solid values that we bring to our business relations,” says Managing Director Jochen Koch about the lively exchanges during the days of the fair.

Collaborating with QASS, and in keeping with the fair’s slogan of “Industry 4.0”, Koch presented an acoustic emission analysis system which is a world-first. It uses high-frequency impulse measurement (HFIM) to monitor the entire wire manufacturing process. “We are very pleased to have been able to present this next-generation technology at Fritz Finkernagel GmbH, in Altena, and on our own machine at the trade fair, following a successful test phase,” says Jochen Koch, adding how constructive teamwork had been between all the partners in the project. Many trade fair delegates showed an interest in live demonstrations on the system there, which sets new quality assurance standards in wire drawing.

Another highlight of the Koch booth was a drawing line in a modular design consisting of a five-block multiple drawing machine from the KGT series and a wire pay-off and spooler for the wire take-up. The system produces steel wire qualities with low carbon content (0.12%) and is augmented in actual operation by nine drawing blocks and wire pretreatment. What is special about this is that the line can achieve top drawing speeds of around 50 m/s in practice. It is yet more proof of Koch’s innovative strength in the field of efficient technology for the wire drawing industry.

Technical innovation, live demonstrations and an inviting booth – it all left a lasting impression on visitors. “It really resonated with people,” sums up Jochen Koch. “We want to thank our visitors and everyone who showed an interest – for the tremendous discussions and for their excellent feedback.”

The next trade fair is not far off: Koch will be at Wire Asia, in Shanghai, in September 2016.

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