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Project planning

Overall responsibility for your project

As a single source supplier, KOCH can plan, supply and install systems for the production of wire, including all of their components. If required, we can combine drawing blocks and wire collecting systems which we make in-house with modules for the periphery of the drawing line made by selected partner companies. High-performance additional units include pay-off reels and special machines for sharpening and milling wire, as well as system modules for proper take-up. Our customers profit from a full service: concept design, project planning, management, programming, installation all the way to support – and all from a single source. 


What counts is quality

KOCH’s safe approach to constructing its machines is admired throughout the world. Features include optical and electrical safety mechanisms and even laser scanners. Many processes are automated – such as pulling in wire and tying off coils – which minimizes the risk to personnel from the outset. Strict quality control before and during installation and when commissioning ensures that the system runs smoothly and doesn’t endanger users. We also possess comprehensive knowledge of national and international regulations, especially when it comes to CE labelling of systems. Every KOCH machine fulfils the requirements of the 2006/42/EC directive.


Wire for tomorrow’s world 

KOCH was the first company to develop a genuine and reproducible straight-line drawing system, and also the first to offer contact-free straight-line drawing with its OTA technology. These classics have now become benchmarks. Today, innovations such as acoustic emission analysis and eddy current measurement are supplied over all the world. Our engineers, machine builders, IT technicians and designers undergo continuous training. It is their expertise that helps KOCH to keep on setting standards with its new developments in the wire processing industry.

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