Wire machinery. 

Here at Morgan-Koch we’ve been using our knowledge and ideas and the latest technology for our customers for more than 90 years. We initiated all the major developments in the wire industry, and today we still pioneer the solutions of the future. As one of the world’s leading wire-drawing machine businesses, the lead we have over others is what ensures your competitive edge – and your success.

Count on us.

Innovation leader We´re original – often copied, never reached


The quality revolution: our OTA drawing process, without dancer or tuner rollers, enables genuine deflection-free, straight-line drawing. An optimized production process from the pay-off to the spooler – and outstanding wire qualities. 


Capstan chamber cooling

Cools wire efficiently, ensuring top-quality wire and maximum drawing speeds.


The drawing speed of each of the drawing-blocks is controlled individually using a tuner roller – enabling synchronized wire drawing using multiple blocks, even in extreme applications.



Tunerline technology has been even more precise since the 1990s thanks to synchronization with computer drawing systems.

German engineering – meets american leaders



In 1987, Ernst Koch & Company from Germany and the Morgan Construction Company of Worcester, Massachusetts founded the Morgan Koch Corporation. This company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch since 1991.

Koch engineers develop systems that are still setting standards today, such as the capstan chamber cooling, tuner roller control and the OTA drawing process.
Ernst Koch is the leading supplier of multiple die drawing machinery in the USA and Canada over the past 25 years. 

Together with our exceptional network of partners, we plan, supply and install complete systems for the manufacture of wire, together with all the necessary components.

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